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During Freshers Week we recruit anyone from freshers to PhD students to join our two teams. We run taster sessions where any students can come along to try cheerleading to see if they like it and find out more. We then have a try-out session where anybody interested can try out for a place on either team. Try-outs are very relaxed and nothing to be worried about and are run very similarly to our taster sessions where you can try new cheerleading skills, such as stunts and jumps. 


If you are thinking about joining, it may be useful to think about whether you would like to be on the first or second team. The second team is perfect for beginners who have never done cheer before. Athletes on the second team learn the core basics of cheerleading by competing at Level 1 and have lots of fun while working hard during their sessions. Our second team trains less than the first team which means it is less demanding on your time as busy Cambridge students! Our athletes on the first team usually (but not always!) have some sort of relevant experience, such as a background in gymnastics, acrobatics, dance or cheerleading. The first team compete at Level 3, the hardest university division in the UK and learn more difficult skills which is why they are eligible for the Cambridge Blue. Regardless of what team you join, training with the Cambridge Lions will be sure to be exciting, challenging and so much fun! 



Initial try-outs are taking place on Thursday 5th October, and callback on Sunday 8th of October. No preparation is needed beforehand, just enthusiasm and a willingness to give everything a go! You'll have a chance to show off any skills you have or try some you haven't before. Below are the skills that were required for the online submission last year that might be useful if you'd like to practice but not necessary at all!

We also have a taster session on Wednesday 4th October, which will allow you to get a feel for cheer and what will happen at tryouts!


To help with your online submissions and in person try-outs, we’ve created a series of demonstration videos to show you how to perform some of the key skills we will be looking at in your trial!










Dance for last years online try-outs:

Half speed with tutorial 


Dance for last years online try-outs:

Real speed


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