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As a society independent of University funding, we rely on vital sponsorship and funding to make sure that the costs of competing at national level are kept to a minimum for individual members of the team. Currently, members of the team have to pay a large amount of money for uniform costs, competition costs, sports hall hire and membership, which can be taxing on our bank account. Other Cambridge university teams and societies receive funding from the university or loyal benefactors, but as Cheerleading still remains a lesser-known sport, we are still fully self-funded. However, the donations from a number of fantastic sponsors allow us to alleviate the brunt of these costs, and therefore make the costs more manageable. We believe this helps the sport and our society to be more inclusive, meaning our team can be a diverse mix of all financial backgrounds. 

However, we are looking for new and exciting sponsors!


Who sponsors us now?


Nanna Mexico restaurant has been a loyal sponsor of ours for the previous few years, through pledging donations to us, or by offering their restaurants as a space to host our socials. We see this as a mutually beneficial relationship, and one that we hope to continue for many years to come. Thanks Nanna Mex!


We were previously also partnered with Percent which was a fantastic app which allowed people to donate to the Cambridge Cougars at no extra cost to them. It has raised a considerable amount of money for the team!

We are also partnered with Revolution! A staple of Cambridge nightlife, the Cougars bring lots of business through attending lots of their events and we receive discounted products in return! Our recent event 'Cliques & Cocktails' raised money for the society and business for Revs and was so much fun. 


What’s in it for you?


We believe that sponsoring us is a very mutually beneficial opportunity. Our relationship with Nanna Mexico restaurant provides us with vital funding for our society, whilst also benefiting Nanna Mexico with lots of business, repeated throughout the year. We host our socials there, other teams hear about this fantastic social space, they host their socials there... and the rest is history!


This year, we are also looking into an opportunity for a company to be advertised on our stash! We wear this stash all around Cambridge and beyond, providing your company with lots of advertisement all around the country. We would work closely with you to create an exciting design on T-shirts, jumpers, puffer jackets... anything you want!


In the past, we have also accepted one-off donations which dramatically help us to buy new things for the society (such as new mats) or to subsidise any costs for the individual team members. We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors, past, present and future!


Last year, our fantastic committee, headed by our former social-secretary Heather organised a fundraiser for the team, partnered with the night club Ballare. This raised a lot of money for our society, whilst also providing significant business for Ballare. Furthermore, it was also a very popular and fantastic event! We hope to do this again this year, with Ballare and also with other places!


Get in touch with us!


If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, contact our sponsorship officer Anjali at

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