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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Legacy Cheer and Dance held its annual Alpha and Omega University Nationals

on the 22nd February 2020 at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth

Olympic Park.

We had an early start again (although admittedly not as early as the week

before for Varsity in Manchester!) as we boarded the coach at 6:50am to leave

for London. After an exciting coach journey of napping, snacking, back-

combing ponytails and trying to do liquid eyeliner whilst on a motorway, we

arrived at the arena ready for Level 1 warm up at 9:30am.

Level 1 absolutely smashed our comp routine and put out a performance we

were SO proud of, even with some minor deductions. We ended up with some

deductions for performing stunts which were not in our level & for our music

being too long which we didn’t expect, which unfortunately brought us down

from first (in raw scores) to fifth place out of eight All Girl Medium teams.

After reworking the end of our dance just before competing to ensure it wasn’t

too long to avoid another unnecessary deduction, Level 3 put out an AMAZING

routine and hit all of our stunts and tumbles perfectly. We also unfortunately

had a deduction for building out of level which was unexpected, but still

managed to achieve fourth out of six in a VERY competitive Level 3 Coed


Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic day at Legacy 2020 and put out two

routines that we were proud to end our 2019-20 season with. We celebrated

the following evening back in Cambridge with our annual Varsity Dinner and a

night out at Vinyl!

By Heather Quayle

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